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WWDC2014: There must be a hardware release

OS X and iOS upgrade is stable in recent years, Apple WWDC essential programs, the hardware is not the case , in 2011 there will be no hardware any thing , but WWDC 2012 brought on screen stunning MacBook Pro With Retina, last year there are small ace new MacBook Air battery life and performance monster " trash " Mac Pro.

There must be a hardware release in WWDC2014

So this year's WWDC will not have the hardware appear , if so, what will surely be a hardware issue we are most concerned about.

WWDC Apple has just announced the schedule of next month , the official App has also been on the line. Western U.S. time at 10:00 on June 2 to 12:00 Keynote is the most critical time . The stage will then make a speech of Apple executives , including CEO Tim Cook, Craig Federighi , senior vice president and two Eddy Cue.

According to the famous Apple news site 9to5mac expected , Apple will bring this time there will be a new version of OS X, version number should be 10.10, iOS8, for now , iOS8 the biggest change would be to add a healthy Healthbook track -type applications , the map will also be improved , there will be more about the iPad 's features appear.

So, the people most loved hardware products?

According to 9to5mac get the message that the WWDC hardware products will appear . Candidate products are Apple TV, iWatch and 12 -inch MacBook Air with Retina these three .

Apple fans certainly hope that these three appear together , but reason tells us that it is unlikely that Apple will not release new products rhythm so radical. Here we are going to filter a little longer. iWatch could be the voice and the highest expected value products because Healthbook behind the application is certainly also need some hardware to support data collection , iWatch undoubtedly be welcomed . Everyone is talking about Apple's smart watches , just like before , like everyone is talking about Apple TV .

Lie said a thousand times come true , many times through out the independent designer " concept watch" baptism, many people believe iWatch fast. IWatch will only be able to evidence and evidence in a message released next month, it is too little .

Apple TV is the same reason , but before sneaking out of the flattening of the new OS X interface may be a hint , MacBook Air Retina coming. 9to5mac editor Mark Gurman in his article also suggests that, in the possibility of three devices appears, his MacBook Air with Retina behind the label is " most likely ."

The day before the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 like a declaration of war on the hardware specifications , MacBook Air has slightly behind , after Apple's MacBook Air price Can be understood as the MacBook Air with Retina out to make way for it?

Luo said the day before Apple is actually a software company , then Apple may be pulled out next month, a hardware told his apprentice , Integrative effect is not necessarily good , with hardware and software is king .

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