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iPhone 6 real machine were photographed

April 3 news: With the Galaxy S5 Italian strongman just released, more users will expect will usher in major changes in the hands of the iPhone 6. Weibo users last night broke a iPhone 6 "real machine" photo, because it is facing the screen shot iPhone 6 designs, pictures authenticity questionable. However, this morning a group of iPhone 6 rendering images released after contrast exposure was found with Foxconn basically the same design.

                                                                   iPhone 6 real machine was "candid"

This exposure of the "iPhone 6 real machine" using silver shell, the material should also be aluminum, rear fuselage is still three-stage design, the fuselage and the aspect ratio similar to the current iPhone 5, but it is more corners mellow, microphone and speaker locations through holes like iPhone 5c, and before the iPhone is different, this phone's camera is slightly convex.


Currently temporarily unable to assess the authenticity of this picture, but this morning ePrice microblogging also issued a set of iPhone 6 rendering images, and exposure above the "iPhone 6 real machine" is very similar.