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Google Android tighten the reins is a sign of the end of free lunch

Recently, Google ( microblogging ) began requiring manufacturers to add "Powered by Android" logo on the boot screen device . Only after adding vendors to get Android Logo Google Mobile Services (GMS) the right to use . Recently released Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 will be added prior to listing .

Currently, most of the media that the Google move only concerns the behavior of manufacturers of self- branding itself obscure the visibility of Android , this change just to swipe the sense of presence. However , the recent series of Google 's action series together, you will find that things are not so simple, Google Android in a step by step to tighten control .

First, the time limit GMS certification

February 2014 , Google first tightened Google Mobile Services (GMS) control for each version of Android GMS certification systems are set up to open and close the window of time . Since February 2014 , Google is no longer available for the older version of the GMS certified Android devices , and the new version will have a future time window GMS certified , each version of the authentication window will be released after the next version of Android closed nine months later .

This rule obviously wanted out of the old version of the system as soon as possible to solve the problem of Android fragmentation , as I hope manufacturers to adopt the new version. Due to the small window of time authentication , this policy will shorten the life of the old version , do not give manufacturers time and opportunity to develop depth and avoid modifications to the operating system caused by too much experience differences.

Second, the weakening of AOSP

However , for many manufacturers, especially Chinese vendors , GMS is not a need to bundle things. GMS provides a variety of services in the Chinese market has a third-party software can be replaced by AOSP .

The entire Android platform open source projects can be seen as Andrews (AOSP) plus Google Mobile Service (GMS), Android open source project (AOSP) is all you can get free mobile phone manufacturers , but GMS requires Google agreed to authorize the job.

Google restrictions GMS, hopes to use the new version of Android manufacturers to solve the problem of fragmentation . But some manufacturers can simply not buy it, already without GMS, then naturally there will be no effect of the restrictions , fragmentation can not be resolved , the depth of development can not restrict , limit the time intent GMS certification will not be achieved.

So, Google quietly put some services and interfaces in the AOSP originally transferred to GMS come inside . Such GMS increasingly important , vendors no way be used only AOSP developed . This process begins early, is a subtle process . GMS is growing , AOSP getting smaller and smaller .

As a result, mobile phone manufacturers do develop good depth , good third-party applications are increasingly inseparable from GMS. With third-party software updates iteration , if the phone manufacturers do not adhere to the new version of Android, insisted on by GMS certified , it may not be running the new version of a variety of APP , which forced GMS mobile phone manufacturers must pass certification .

Three , Powered by Android Add logo

For users, it is difficult to know whether they have to buy the phone through the GMS certification. Even their phones because they do not support the latest version of the GMS can not run APP , the user is also the time of purchase does not know , GMS certification will not affect phone sales . So Google started to force manufacturers to add the boot screen Powered by Android, so give GMS certification add a logo.

The logo has the support of GMS, ensure running the latest APP program , consumers can glance and buy with confidence . Without the logo , it is not a complete Android phones , is not guaranteed to run the latest version of the APP, does not recommend consumers to buy . Whether to support the GMS will directly affect the sales of mobile phones .

When we restrict GMS certification time , weakening AOSP, adding Powered by Android boot logo combines these three things together, Google 's intentions on the glaringly obvious .

Fourth, Google Android tighten the reins

Since the emergence of an Android , has been known to open . Developer freedom, liberty mobile phone manufacturers , and even Lenovo Ophone, Ali cloud , Amazon 's customized Android alleged infringement of this revised Google are tolerated .

Because policy reasons, China mobile phone basically castrated licensed out GMS, each of the user experience their own ways, reform varied, Google also tolerated.

But by 2014 , with the Android operating system on the market position of absolute dominance , Google one step to tighten the reins .

The same is to improve the user experience , Samsung's Magazine UX interface is Google restrictions , this is a harbinger of Google strengthened control . Weakening AOSP, GMS certification time limit again plagued Google for years fragmentation problem solving, interactive interface depth vendors also greatly shorten development time , the depth order more difficult.

As more and more restrictions , Google on Android 's control is getting stronger , Google 's control on the mobile phone manufacturers are also growing, which is often a harbinger of the end of the free lunch .

Back in Google 's acquisition of Motorola in China for approval when there is the Ministry of Industry to five years without charge as a bargaining chip rumors approved last year have received $ 0.75 GMS license fee argument. With the Google Android system and hardware vendors to strengthen control , Android seems imminent charges , fee or not , when charges just Google their strategic choice , it has been tightly controlled hardware vendors did not have much bargaining capability , Android 's reins have been tightened in the Valley singers .