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iPhone 6 is not only a larger screen will also amazing processor

The next generation iPhone will be equipped with a larger screen size (for example, 4.7 inches) is not fresh news. In fact, we recently heard all the rumors associated with the iPhone 6 will be referred to a larger screen basically. Just get the latest news, iPhone 6 screen will only get bigger, its processing core may also become more, the news from Apple's supply chain in Asia.

Sources said, iPhone 6 will be the first quad-core processor using Apple smartphones, its 4-core processing functions will be fully reflected in the A8 chip. Apple's supply chain, said that the current iPhone 5s used A7 chip is quite fast, it Geekbench 3 minute test run to beat the Samsung Galaxy S4 Snapdragon 600. To the A8 era, Apple also will be a big leap in processing speed.

iPhone 5s is the world's first 64-bit architecture of the smart phone, which means the next Apple can configure up to 4GB of memory for their new phones. Unfortunately, today's report did not mention the iPhone memory data 6. But we can guess that if iPhone 6 is indeed equipped with 4-core processor, increased memory capacity will vary.

Comments: There is unable to confirm the authenticity of the message, but one thing is sure, if the iPhone 6 is equipped with A8 quad-core processor, then it should also be improved RAM, 2GB how?