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Suspected iPhone 6 prototype leaked: 50% different and 5s

Although it is unclear when iPhone6 ​​will be released, but various rumors surrounding the machine is already in full swing speculation. Just after a suspected leak Japanese design magazine, there are users on the microblogging exposure of the alleged iPhone 6 test photos from Foxconn factories. While it is still unable to determine the authenticity of the photo, but still with the previous iPhone 6 rumors good agreement.


Suspected iPhone 6 Test Shots

From the microblogging exposure photos, the suspected iPhone 6 body seems relatively slender , but the past is more rounded than in the corners of the handle . Although they can not judge the photo with the iPhone touch screen size 6 size , but the camera on the back of some outstanding aircraft design is impressive. The information disclosed previously leaked from the design , with a 5.7 ​​inches touch screen iPhone 6 because the body slim enough reason , the camera will be slightly convex .

According to whistleblowers, while saying that the leaked iPhone 6 photos from a Foxconn factory , when shooting iPhone 6 being tested staff. While it is still unable to determine the authenticity of the photo , but at least some of the characteristics of leaking from the front view, it seems that with the previous iPhone 6 rumors relatively consistent.

Compared to iPhone 5s larger changes

It is worth mentioning that there are many sources said the exposure of the iPhone 6 is not high on the authenticity of microblogging . Weibo user C while the technology is seen iPhone 6 disclose their general appearance, such as the shape of the aircraft compared to iPhone 5s changed greatly, at least more than 50% of the difference . IPhone 6 and the camera and flash are circular , and uses a single lamp design , the camera is also more prominent.

And that argument in the Japanese media had been mentioned in Macotakara broke the news , then the news that iPhone 6 because the body is more slim, plus the use of the camera module volume increases, so the camera will cause back slightly raised .

Or will be available in September

At the same time , about Apple iPhone 6 release date rumors have begun seen in the media reports. According to sources has a partnership with Apple Russian retailer Svyaznoy latest disclosure that Apple's next iPhone will be in September this year, listed locally. Thus , in the outside world if the seller said the news is accurate, then it means that the iPhone 6 release date is likely to advance , because Russia in the past is not listed on the first market the new iPhone .

According to Japanese media had "Japanese Economic News" reported that Apple will launch the next generation iPhone in September this year and will offer two touch- screen size choice and upstream manufacturers have started production related components, including fingerprint sensor and LCD driver chips. However, it was revealed that Apple released the iPhone will likely only a 4.7 inches screen, 6 , touch screen larger version will be delayed launch .