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Suspected iPhone6 ​​board design without borders exposure

Apple iPhone 6 in the end is what I believe is a topic of concern for many people. Despite previously leaked a few real machine diagram proved to PS works, but there are users in the forum recently released a few so-called iPhone front panel 6 seems to confirm the rumors of the past, this is the new machine uses a near-borderless design, touch screen size is about 4.7 inches.

Design without Borders

From this forum released a few friends in the so-called iPhone front panel 6, the most eye-catching place is the use of non-frame design, not only in good agreement with previous rumors, but also means that the iPhone 6 in growth large touch screen size, the volume of mobile phones will not become too large. However, due to the retention of the home key of the reason that the future iPhone 6 compared to a slight increase over the length of the fuselage, but overall is not very slender and slim.

However, it is still unable to confirm the truth of this group of pictures, but if it does for the iPhone front panel 6, then it means that the probability of the next screen is broken will be relatively large. In addition, the size of the group exposed from the front panel, the left seem to be at 4.7 inches.

Using the new screen

According to the last leaked information display, iPhone 4.7-inch screen 6 will still continue to use third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass. And although the touch screen size will become bigger, but in terms of the display will not be any discount, Apple reportedly will introduce a new type of aircraft in Quantum Dot screen, which features the use of quantum physics technology that allows LCD screen OLED screen brings approximate highly saturated colors, not only shows the color gamut will be substantially enhanced by 40-50%, but also to enhance the energy efficiency of 15-20%.

And in addition to enhancing the effect on the display, iPhone 6 will continue to use the 800-megapixel camera, but the sensor size will become bigger by now 1/3 inch iPhone 5s increased 1/2.6 inches, and it will become F/2.0 lens from f2.2, but also put on a six sapphire lenses. It is reported that the pixel size of the allocated iPhone 6 800 megapixel camera reached 1.75μm, you can get a better sense of the effect of high, but the camera image stabilization function is added in low light conditions so that the user can get a clear picture.

The price is more expensive

iPhone 6 will be equipped with the new generation is also rumored A8 processor and 128GB version will increase the capacity of the previous version based on 16GB/32GB/64GB. Meanwhile according to the latest foreign media reports, Apple iPhone 6 than the price of your existing iPhone 5s $ 100. As the main reason for the price increase is due to the use of the rumors sapphire screen or larger screen sizes, so the cost increases.

As for the specific price, iPhone 6 in the U.S. market price 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB for 749/849/949 and $ 1,049, respectively, about RMB 4600/5200/5800 yuan and 6400 yuan. In the UK market, the price of four versions of the aircraft, compared with 549/629/709 and 789 pounds, or about RMB 5600/6400/7200 yuan and 8100 yuan or so. In addition, the U.S. version of the iPhone 6 is the same contract price of $ 199, is expected to be released in September this year.