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New features of The iPhone 6

This time we want to see is not the iPhone 5S, but iPhone 6 - a major upgrade in the iPhone 5 on the basis , not just to maintain the same shape and increase internal performance . Perhaps most people have been more and more recently iPhone 5S rumors are " confused " and did not expect the next Apple iPhone redesign of the scene . Foreign designer Arthur Reis Today, let us open the eyes , once again aroused the fruit fans expectations for the iPhone 6 .

Breaking laws, again. This is an Apple -style description and yet domineering , iPhone 6 How can once again break the shackles of tradition it? Arthur Reis explained mainly in three aspects : body slimmer , more powerful touch control , better camera. , IPhone 6 body thickness of only 6.1 mm from the point of view , once again the light into a whole new level .

More powerful touch controls mean what is it? In this time, the concept works, the designer boldly Magic Trackpad elements into the iPhone 6 - any phone that will touch the bottom of the support , it looks so amazing. In addition to these two new features , iPhone 6 will upgrade the current iSight camera as iSight Pro, increased to 12 million pixels , with f/1.8 aperture.