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iPhone 6 Exposure: Larger Screen + New Highlights, iPhone 6 Specs & Features

End of October on the new fall conference Apple iPad Air to the party , the new naming a pleasant surprise , we have the first opportunity to see the Air Macbook Air devices outside . And in recent days , foreign media exposure about the iPhone Air concept map design . From its design ideas , we can see a new iPhone 6 thin blade.

The iPhone 6 release date will be in 2014, although exactly when that will be in the year is still a little unclear.

Here's what we think is most likely to happen: at WWDC in June this year we'll see the obvious release of iOS 8, but also a larger-screened iPhablet as Apple looks to bring itself to the fore in Asian markets and rivalling the likes of the Galaxy Note 3.

We'd have usually given this kind of rumor a wide berth, but multiple reports have spoken of a larger device from Apple at the June event, so we're starting to give them some credence. At the very least, Apple is definitely testing it, but may not bring it to market.

After that, Apple will launch the iPhone 6 in September, along with the iWatch and the first view of iOS 8, to allow it to both bring a new product to market as well as keeping its schedule safe. This is backed up by KDB Daewoo Securities, which does have a decent record in Apple early leaks.

Apple has launched the last few iPhones at a special event in September, so the smart money is on September 2014 for the iPhone 6's arrival but won't be the only mobile hardware we see from the firm this year.

iPhone Air(iPhone 6) ultra-thin design in addition to the first time to join the borderless screen design . Whole body shape with a water droplet design style , it is very thin

iPhone 6 Exposure

We see the key parts of Ho me inherited iPhone5s fingerprint identification technology, with fingerprint scanning, while the position of Nano Sim card is moved to the bottom of the fuselage on the left.

iPhone Air Exposure

iPhone Air style is true, but I believe so cool styling is also scheduled to make a lot of people ahead of craving .

iPhone 6 release date

Winger design , cool and fashion coexist. Xiaobian think had this popular Motorola RAZR series.

iPhone 6 release time

Then we went together to understand the true colors under this iPhone Air .

iPhone 6 Specs & Features

Theoretically, the phone is kind of thinning trend , because as the popularity of the concept of the flexible screen , people are increasingly looking for flexible mobile phone , and before the relevant technology is not yet mature, thin, bendable cell phone has become a development road a necessary step .

iPhone 6 Larger Screen

just before the iPhone 6 conform iPad Air name, called the iPhone Air.

iPhone 6 New Highlights

The fuselage of the product is all-metal material , is equipped with a 5-inch borderless screen , screen resolution of 2K level.

iPhone 6 price, specs, release date rumours - two screen sizes

Integration of a body still uses Unibody design . Non-removable battery .

iPhone 6 release date, rumours and leaked images

Take the teardrop-shaped fuselage design , the side slightly narrowed.

iPhone 6 Release Date: Price Cuts on iPhone 5S and 5C Hints Early

With Nokia, Samsung upgrade the pixel has been leading the industry will be powered by Apple's 12 million pixel camera.

Outside the surprise is that the phone's body thickness of only 1.5mm, which is by far the thinnest smart phone.

Apple Release Round Up: iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 Fall Release plus Top Killer Features to Expect

Power button to take the gold design, the overall mix is more fashionable.

iPhone 6: 'quantum dots' to power vivid new screen

iPhone Air and iPhone 5s thickness contrast.

iPhone 6: Release date, rumours, features and news

IPhone 5s thickness of only 1/ 3, while in the industry point of view, the so-called fight gimmick, in fact, is a major way to its own technology show. Now configure the increasing homogenization of smart phones , mobile phones can reduce the thickness of 1mm have been very great, because it requires a high design and hardware integration .

iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs and Features

More strongly positive effect of contrast , technology is a living body , whether human or technology itself , are actively move closer to each other , mutual integration , ultra-thin design which is the natural development of the inevitable.

Galaxy S5's Killer Feature Could Set a Trend for iPhone 6 and Beyond

iPhone Air powered iOS 8 system , both in human-computer interaction or on the visual effects are more humane, more flat overall style award .

iPhone 6 rumours, price and release date

iPhone 5s on the most unique "touch ID" fingerprint recognition is still integrated in the iPhone Air .

iPhone 6 (iPhone Air): Release Date, Rumors, News, Specs

20. Equipped with 5 -inch borderless screen, the screen resolution was 2K level , accounting for a larger screen can effectively reduce the difficulty of a single hand held.

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