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Anonymous tweets bring new iPhone 6 complete spy

This time should the rumors of Apple's new product, when a soaring, most of the rumors are aimed at the next generation of iPhone. This year, the goal naturally aimed iPhone6 ​​(For convenience, the current generation iPhone will be temporarily called iPhone6.) SonnyDickson, I know you? Not Sony, is SonnyDickson. Sonny Dickson (SonnyDickson) is an iOS developer from Melbourne, Australia, worked in AppleCareService work. Last year in August, he exposed a deep breath and iPhone5c lot iPhone5s spy, obediently, almost a hundred percent accuracy. Sonny Dickson therefore fame.

Last year Sonny Dickson exposure spy this time he brought the material is so last year, although not as strong, but taking into account the ability Sonny Dickson, we still can not directly overlooked. This may be regarded as the first batch of about iPhone6 ​​complete a spy. Sonny Dickson claims that this is the next-generation iPhone's back shell. But was later found, Sonny Dickson photo is actually from another user on Twitter @ mornray886, the anonymous stronger exposure photos, in addition to Sonny Dixon released a few photos back shell, he also includes a iPhone6 ​​complete photo photo (perhaps because Sonny Dickson feel authenticity is not, there is no posted this complete photo).

Spy photos from @ mornray886 Sonny Dixon himself did not hundred percent sure that this is iPhone6 ​​back shell, he said it would continue to focus on, a new message will be updated. For the authenticity of these photos, we still have some reservations. If, as the figure this design, how many people will like it?