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Six reasons to tell you, do not rush to upgrade iPhone, iPad to iOS 8

[Abstract] Especially important to note is that once you upgrade the iPhone, iPad, iPod device to iOS 8, you have no choice, and it’s very difficult to downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7, iOS6 or or less version.

Tips: Before update iPhone, iPad to iOS 8,please remember back data from iPhone, iPad to computer,in order to prevent data losing after upgrading to iOS 8.

September 17, Apple recently held in the autumn conference announced, iOS 8 official version will be officially push download at 10:00 on September 17 (Pacific Time), and in the 10th to push GM version. Although it is generally the same for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with the launch of the operating system has very high expectations, but columnist Zach - Whitaker (Zack Whittaker) is the author of Science and Technology in the United States recommends that users do not rush to upgrade to Media ZDNet iOS 8, at least not now.

Failure upgrad iPhone to iOS 8

The following are the main contents of the article:
Undoubtedly, the new iOS 8 operating system will include many new features, including a number of important improvements for business users interact with their office efficiency and iOS devices. However, we do not think it is that people will upgrade their own hands smartphones and tablet PCs to iOS best time 8.

1. application experience
Most iPhone and iPad application developers long before the official release of iOS 8 got the preview version of the operating system, which gives them the application to modify and adjust the full time and can make better use of iOS 8 new features. However, while there are many applications due to compatibility issues and temporarily unable to give users a better experience.
At the same time, some had already downloaded the application might be facing the dilemma can not be downloaded on iOS 8 systems. This is partly because Apple will upload it to the app store before its pre-audit, so some applications may need to wait a few weeks to be approved, and then officially on sale.

2. can not escape
From past experience, there are a lot of iOS users are now accustomed to "escape" to use the phone, because this approach will allow them to install some applications without Apple's permission, or even native applications for equipment modifications. In the existing iOS 7 system, many users through this way a substantial modification of the equipment, personalized, and once these devices will upgrade the system to iOS 8, they will be temporarily unable to enjoy the jailbreak brought benefits.
From the current situation, we do not know jailbreak iOS 8 program will appear after the long, because it depends on the safety design of the system. Although previously some iOS 8 test version in less than a day that is declared successful escape, but there is no escape until the team is given a specific timetable for the official version of the jailbreak of the system, so we do not think that's for iOS 8 jailbreak will shortly meet with us.

3. System Bug
Taking into account the huge holdings in Apple devices worldwide, iOS 8 system will almost certainly have a tremendous upgrade rate in the short term. However, the system Bug, any error is almost inevitably a new software product the topic, while iOS 8 naturally no exception.
Currently, testing iOS 8 only for a small part of testers and developers to open, and in the official version available for download iOS 8, the average consumer will certainly be the system to hide some of the other vulnerabilities found in everyday use. In response, Apple's usual practice is to push a system in the next update package to solve some of the prevailing system Bug.

4. enterprise IT concerns
Apple for iOS 8 designed many new features for business users, including a stronger password, VIP SMS, roaming and uses the latest encryption level government standards. However, some business users may be unable to obtain consent before the company's IT department to use this system. Because part of the company's internally developed applications and mobile device management platform may not yet be compatible iOS 8, and the corporate IT department will usually accept this system will start slowly at about the same time the new system was modified Bug.
Moreover, in the case if you do not get the consent of the company IT department to upgrade to the system, you may be faced with equipment connected to the internal network is prohibited dilemma.

5. speed
Apple said, iOS 8 is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini and fifth generation iPod Touch as well as all future products. But that does not mean that all these compatible devices can smooth running iOS 8 system, because these older models do not have the CPU and graphics processing power of the iPhone 6. It is foreseeable that these older models running iOS time in eight encounters some Caton phenomenon, especially in their memory capacity is too low or running multiple applications simultaneously situation.
For example, if your hand when the iPhone 4S running iOS 7 have some Caton, then upgrade iOS 8 probably is not an ideal choice.

6. downgrade difficult
Once the user to upgrade the device to iOS 8, you'll have no choice. Of course, if you previously saved device SHSH blobs (SHSH stands for Signature HaSH blobs, iTunes restore a certificate verifying the legality of the firmware operation) information, then it is another matter, but most users do not know if this is What file, not to mention saved.
It is foreseeable that, iOS 8 will, and many others like iOS system version is very difficult to downgrade. Even if you save the above mentioned prior to this document, you may need to use a third-party application to complete the system of relegation, and this practice will not get the official Apple technical support. (Tom)

Tips: Once lost data after upgrading iPhone to iOS 8,you can follow this use guide to recover iPhone lost data after update to iOS 8.