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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 Comparison, Review: What’s Features about Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6

Apple and Samsung are the two biggest players in the smartphone game and 2014 has been very fruitful for Apple and its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phablet. After the smartphones went on sale in September, it was extremely hard to track down both models, especially the large 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Apple increased production of the handset to try to meet demand and wait times for the company's first phablet now show a shipping estimate of 3-5 business days from its online store.

Samsung, on the other hand, has been in the phablet arena since it launched the original Galaxy Note in 2011 and this year the company took a two-pronged approach to maintaining its lead in the jumbo-sized smartphone market. Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 4 in October and quickly followed up with the curved-display Galaxy Note Edge in November. Now a new report claims that Samsung is planning to battle Apple's iPhone 6 Plus with its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note Edge 6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 Comparison

Apple's two recent iPhone models, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, have undeniably made waves in the tech news world. Among the critics and reviewers, the Cupertino-based flagships came as a surprise when they were presented with a sleeker, "out from the usual" design. Market-wise, the latest devices were sold like hot pancakes with a staggering 10 million units sold in merely three days since it hit the shelves.

But the excitement emanating from the tech world didn't necessarily stop there. Analysts and experts are already predicting that the upcoming flagship from the South Korean-based company, the Samsung Galaxy S6, will eventually steal the spotlight.

For those who are still apprehensive to upgrade their mobile devices and are looking for some insights, we offer this comparative review between the already released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to that of the rumored Samsung Galaxy S6.

Both the latest Apple flagships don a signature aluminum casing with rounder, smoother edges. They are the company's thinnest iPhone to date.

The Features about Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to come with a metallic casing, similar to the recently released Galaxy Alpha.

The iPhone 6 has a significantly wider 4.7-inches display while the 6 Plus literally took off from the company's convention with its 5.5-inch-wide screen.

The S6, on the other hand, is already one of the front-runners of wide-screen displays is rumored to arrive with even larger screens packed with 4K pixel resolution. Tech reports indicated that it will now sport a quad HD (1440 x 2560) Super AMOLED screen resolution.

Under the Hood
Already the fastest of its kind, the newest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus even surprised their fans with a much faster 64-bit A8 chip with M8 graphics processor.

On the other side, Android fans are also expected to open a Samsung Galaxy S6 with 640-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor (the latest on its line) and supported with an Adreno 430 graphics chip.

Operating Systems
Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus run with Apple's latest operating system, the iOS 8.

The purported Samsung device is said to arrive with Android 5.0 L.

Truth be told, both of Apple's latest flagship devices come short when it comes to the camera stats of even the later Galaxy versions (13 MP for S4 and Note 3, 16 MP for the S5). People in the know claim that the S6 will have a 20 MP main snapper.

The newest iPhones have moved up with more memory spaces of up to 128GB.

Meanwhile, the S6 will most likely offer massive internal storage options with a microSD slot.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are revealed to have the capacity to now last up to 14 hours of non-stop use. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with a longer-running battery as compared to its previous reiteration.

Comparison Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6(Comparison chart)

I have put together a comparison between the iPhone 6 specs to the rumored features of the Galaxy S6 for those of you who are undecided between Samsung and the Apple Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 iPhone 6
Body Design The S6 is reported to sport a metal casing similar to the recently released Galaxy Alpha, departing from the usual plastic casing of Galaxy S handsets. It is believed that the S6 could use graphene in its design elements. Some reports say that Galaxy S6 will have a screen that is curved at the end. The iPhone 6 versions are the thinnest iPhone to date. It flaunts Apple’s signature aluminum casings and has rounder, smoother edges than previous versions
Screen The S6 is speculated to come with a slightly larger screen display than the iPhone 6 at 5.2 or 5.3-inches. Other reports claim that the handset will have quad HD (1440 x 2560) Super AMOLED screen resolution with a 4K pixel resolution. It is also expected to come with a QHD panel. The iPhone 6 is large with its 4.7 inches screen size and iPhone 6 plus is even larger at 5.5 inches.
Operating System South Korean OS, Tizen may not be used for the S6 despite rumors. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will most likely come equipped with the upcoming Android 5.0 L. The iPhone 6 comes equipped with the latest iOS 8
Processor (speed test) Prepare to be amazed with its speed as the S6 is rumored to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 or 810 processor with 64-bit architecture. LPDDR3 memory and a range of battery management improvements is also expected to be introduced. The handset will also be backed with Adreno 430 graphics chip to support the high res images and videos. The new iPhone 6 versions are highly impressive with their A8 chip and M8 graphics processor.
Camera The new S6 is reported to come with a remarkable 20 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization. The iPhone 6 versions seem less impressive at only 8 megapixels.
Battery Life The S6’s heavy duty features will be supported by an appropriate battery which is 30% more efficient in performance and has longer battery life as compared to that of other Galaxy S Smart-phones. The iPhone 6 has a powerful battery that has been advertised to run for up to 14 hours.
Storage Capacity The Samsung S series are already well known for their generous internal storage spaces and the new S6 is gossiped to have an even bigger space plus a MicroSD slot for external memory options. The storage options on iPhones are becoming massive with the iPhone 6 series offering up to 128 GB.

The 4.7-inch 16GB iPhone is priced at $199 with a 2-year contract, $649 without. According to Ordoh, price for the Samsung Galaxy S6 could be at least "close to $900" -- the same price for the S5. "However, some sources indicate that due to the improved performances, specs and features, the S6 might go as high as $1000," the outlet adds.
Do you think the S6 will be worth the wait?