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Guess the next generation iPhone-iPhone 6

Guess the next generation iPhone: larger, more expensive, more anti-wrestling

[Abstract] From now, the next generation iPhone will have a larger screen, it is reported that Apple will market 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two sizes of iPhone.

Guess the iPhone 6 features

Apple has determined that the new conference will be held in September 9, although the media did not disclose much information on invitations, but according to past practice, each generation of iPhone is much choice in the fall release, this one should be no exception.

We still uncertain for the next generation iPhone that Apple will take, what kind of name, but the overwhelming media coverage like this generation mobile phone named as iPhone 6. And consensus on the name of a different, various media on the new iPhone's new features but all have different views and speculation.

Larger screen?

News from Apple OEM manufacturers, Apple has asked the foundry to produce before the end of the year from 70 million to 80 million big-screen smart phones. It is reported that Apple will market the big screen 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two sizes smartphones to attract Samsung Electronics and other smart phone manufacturers current similar products to consumers. Have to market iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c screen size of 4 inches.

Since the 2012 second quarter, iPhone sales growth rate there is a big landslide, although subsequent quarters ups and downs, but never once reached a high point. And iPhone growth fell stark contrast, large-screen phone to show up vitality. Market research firm iSuppli's data show that in 2012 a large-screen smart phone shipments of 25.6 million units in 2016 will reach 100 million 46 million units, a 470 percent growth rate.

While the iPhone has always stick to the small screen production line, in fact, Apple has tasted the sweetness of increased mobile phone screen size. September 2012, iPhone 5 increases the size from the previous 3.5-inch to 4.0-inch. In the third and fourth quarter of the year, iPhone sales growth narrowed the gap with the entire industry, even once the go-ahead.

Market research firm Canalys data show that the first quarter of this year, five inches above the smartphone has occupied 34% market share, shipments increased by 369%, far higher than the overall growth rate of the smartphone market, which shows consumers large-screen phone has a strong purchasing needs.

More expensive or cheaper?

Last September 11th, Apple released the iPhone 5s,in September 13 started to accept reservations on September 20 日 on sale. If Apple this year, continue to follow this rule, then 9 月 12 日 can be booked from the new iPhone, the official release date will be on September 19.

Prices last version of the 16GB iPhone 5s on sale price of 5288 yuan, according to Tencent Digital predictions, 16GB iPhone 6 of the National Bank for 5998 yuan price or higher than the price reflected in the larger screen, higher performance on.

iPhone 5s screen size of 4 inches, iPhone 6 screen size is 5.5 inches, but the screen is also likely to use more expensive sapphire glass screen, in addition, will also bring a lot of hardware upgrades, which will increase costs.

More resistant to drop the screen?

Apple and sapphire glass manufacturing partners GT Advanced Technologies (hereinafter referred to as "GT") cooperation in the construction of sapphire material plant was put into production in August, for the big screen iPhone and smart watches sapphire display is already in production.

Apple and GT is currently manufactured synthetic sapphire material to replace the current one of the planet's most hard materials - sapphire. Compared with glass, sapphire is not easy to be scratched or appear damaged, and sapphire high temperature, corrosion is not easy for chemical products.

Apple has long been the use of artificial sapphire glass to protect the iPhone's camera and fingerprint reader. However, it seems that the iPhone massive artificial sapphire glass, able to solve a headache iPhone encountered: screen breakage. American electronics company data SquareTrade warranty provided, 11% of iPhone users have experienced problems with the screen broken.

Analysts expect the manufacturing cost of the sapphire screen is about $ 16, far more than the current Corning currently about $ 3 for the iPhone display provides gorilla glass.

According to sources, synthetic sapphire glass may be insufficient capacity, Apple will only use the more expensive sapphire display models. Increase in the cost of parts, which is the price of Apple's new iPhone will be higher reason.

If sapphire glass breakage can reduce your iPhone screen, Apple could save maintenance costs.

Life is more durable

Every time Apple launched to improve under the new iPhone, will explain the function of life, this generation is no exception. Moreover, the mobile phone battery life issues are also consumers of common concern.

American coupon website WalletHero in the first half of this year conducted a consumer survey. The results show that American consumers surveyed in 1500, 97% of people said that if the new iPhone's battery life has been improved, it will increase the likelihood that they buy.

Enhance the battery life is the greatest of respondents expect the new iPhone, followed by the new iPhone consumers want to have a larger screen, about 85 percent of the respondents said that the big screen of the iPhone can enhance their purchase intention.

For people concerned about the next generation iPhone battery life, more than the size of the screen, camera and price considerations.

Increase water features?

Apple's rival Samsung, has already introduced a waterproof mobile phone products, has repeatedly stressed that the feature in the ad, and compare this with the Apple iPhone. In fact, Apple has been doing this effort.

Apple files a patent application exposure this year, Apple's iPhone future, there may be canceled speakers, so the fuselage sealed, a substantial increase in water repellency.

Apple This patent relates to a very professional audio electromagnetic technology. Allegedly, the future Apple can use special electromagnetic properties of a closed panel to foreign manufacturing sound waves. The traditional audio technology, the speaker must be exposed to the air, produce Sonicare, the human ear can hear.

According to Apple's technology, the future grid-based acoustic speaker that can be canceled. Smart phones and other devices that can be completely sealed of, which can not only improve the waterproof performance, you can also give Apple designers in the design of the next iPhone, the freedom to provide more space to play.

But the United States concerned about Apple's patent case "Patentlyapple" website in July reported that the patent was submitted in the fourth quarter of 2012, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has not yet officially awarded.

Powerful mobile payment function

News from a number of media show, iPhone6 ​​will configure NFC (Near Field Communication) chip, Apple will also launch NFC-based mobile wallet tool. Apple will also follow Google (microblogging), into the NFC mobile payments.

Apple in the mobile payment, has been brewing for a long time. In the past years, Apple registered a number of patents related to mobile payment, in addition to Apple also had and mobile payment companies, Visa and other credit card companies to make contact.

Apple introduced the mobile wallet, indeed ripe. Currently, iTunes digital content store user of more than eight hundred million people around the world, these users are already bundled with a credit card account, they can be transplanted to become Apple's mobile wallet customers. Another popular iPhone and iPad in the world that allows Apple mobile wallet to market quickly.

Apple's next-generation iPhone more than speculation on the new features, you need to wait until September 9 Apple conference verified.