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iPhone6 ​​and intentions iWatch orders have been delivered will be available before and after Septem

According to information obtained from insiders Taiwan-based supply chain, Apple introduced the new iPhone 6 is expected to be around come September, and will also be simultaneously listed iWatch estimate. The intention has been handed Fu Honghai phone orders and other Taiwan-based Pegatron assembly plant, but also by iWatch RoyalTek Quanta's responsible, in addition, in October is expected to 9.7-inch iPad Air with a 7.9-inch iPad mini launched.

Market sources said there had been 2014 Apple will have a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch two new phones come out, but whether it will launch a 5.5-inch screen phone has broad interest, according to the information, a large screen great wisdom news agency learned from insiders iPhone 6 is expected to launch, but the screen size is not determined, it may be 5.5-5.7 inches.
Larger screen iPhone 6 new ultra-narrow frame concept map List

Japanese magazine broke the news to the Mac Fan Macotakara, the next generation iPhone that iPhone 6 is equipped with 5-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, ppi of 440. In addition, the message also claimed that border iPhone 6 will be very narrow, although its larger screen, but Apple will continue to uphold the one-handed, easy to operate iPhone concept.
Before rumors outside the large 12.9-inch 2in1 new iPad, because some of the design details need to be improved, so the supply chain also reported the successful launch of the product will not be in 4Q14, the advent of time delay and arrange point in 2015. Furthermore, in addition to large-size flat-panel 2014 can not come outside, Apple iTV shortage subject content, as well as the intent to change the design of Apple, the LCD panels to OLED and other factors, will not come out in 2014.
iWatch Concept Design

Judging from the current exposure, iWatch is equipped with a curved screen, the outer glass is sapphire material, running iOS system re-adjusted, the screen size of 1.5 inches. Has repeatedly sent the conceptual design of Martin Hajek beautifully shot again now brings to cover the current exposure of the message iWatch.