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Apple compromise, iPhone6 ​​NFC capabilities will increase

KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-Chi's famous recently published a very detailed report predicted Apple products, including large-screen iPhone, fashion high iWatch, with Touch ID's iPad, lightweight version of the MacBook Air and improved design of Apple TV. The full report highlights a lot, a small detail but mentioned it had a deep concern: NFC (Near Field Communication) will be included in the iPhone and iWatch equipment.
Foreign media TechCrunch recently added new products to Apple's future this new feature may bring a significant impact analyzes , the removal of part of the contents of our report today, as follows :

All along, Apple did not implement NFC technology on their own products, but the technology has already become a standard feature on Android products. NFC had earlier sparked heated debate , although the technology can simplify the Bluetooth pairing process, and has helped to achieve the Andrews camp verify and mobile payments , and many other functions , but this is considered highly promising emerging technologies through near-field handshake but did not result in the limelight . If you like the Kuo Ming- Chi predicted, Apple began to NFC into their devices , the above situation may change.

Apple's current implementation of technology -based low- power Bluetooth iBeacons fact, you can copy the NFC payment functionality , more and more businesses are compatible with a wide range of in-store POS systems deployed along with the existing equipment . In contrast, however , these two technologies are currently still in the early stages , but the advantage of an earlier start NFC development can make it more mature .

Prior to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that Apple paid earlier this year applied for a patent relating to mobile technology , the realization of this patent will help Apple relies on its vast ecosystem of software and retail sales , to further expand the potential of Apple 's payment service range. Therefore, as a mature development of NFC technology , we do not rule out the possibility that Apple will develop potential markets in which they bring on new products .