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iPhone6 ​​physical exposure transparent protective shell manufacturers have hunger and thirst

April 12 news: While the industry was widely predicted that Apple will be released in September this year will be the next generation iPhone, but recent rumors about this new product is almost all-pervasive, either from Foxconn production line test pattern exposure or release of Japanese manufacturers design drawings, industry exposure was extremely hot passion. Now, there are an accessory manufacturers have released their own iPhone 6 accessories.

According to reports, French media two suspected exposure today dedicated to transparent protective shell iPhone 6, although the picture and no additional information and exact comparison shows, but two protective shell on the shape and size can initially concluded that it should be ready for the iPhone 6 in two models.

Photo particularly noticeable not only in the protective shell sizes, visual which is 4.7 inches, respectively, and 5.5-inch models produced, but also in the shape of the design details are very consistent with recent predictions. Sheng refers iPhone 6 rumors will launch 5.5 inches large screen, but the key to open the fuselage of the model will be moved to the side, leaving the larger figure protective shell holes in the side seems to confirm this, but two protection in the top of the shell seems to have left out of the hole locations. Given the authenticity of this picture can not be determined, we can only make guesses surface.

Also worth mentioning is that these two protective shell and the recent Japanese media outgoing iPhone 6 design is very similar, we do not rule out the parts manufacturers have been unable to bear early to start producing product. Of course, Apple iPhone 6 will be available there for several months, we can only continue to wait, now let all kinds of exposure while flying more.