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iPhone 7 ten latest functions/feature exposure

1, sapphire glass

Sapphire Bikang Ning more resistant Gorilla Glass scratch, more wearable, before there are several iPhone models have adopted the Gorilla Glass. After the iPhone 7 upgrade screen material, although the price will be higher, but the user also can withstand psychologically. As long as ruggedness scratch, plus what count money!

2, double-sided plug the USB cable

Apple uses the Lightning data can be double-sided plug wire to replace the 30-pin connector, a lot of people cheering. The introduction of double-sided plug the USB end of the cable will be able to improve the iPhone user experience, after plug USB cable once inserted right, not only to identify the direction of the cubic interpolation.

3, wireless charging

Since talking about charging this topic, wireless charging will become an important selling point for iPhone 7. This technology has been in existence, Apple just launched for a broader audience can be.

4, higher resolution screen

As we all know, iPhone 6 is already on the screen to make a major upgrade, but Apple in this respect there is still room for improvement. Given Apple introduced a larger screen iPhone6 Plus, users will watch more video on it, so the iPhone 7 screen will be greater clarity will be higher. After watching the movie in iPhone 7!

5, better battery life, support the replacement of the battery

iPhone battery life may exceed the previous six generations of the iPhone, but iPhone users always want better battery life, but there has been such a demand. Replaceable battery is one of the topics of iPhone users Android mobile phone users have long joked. Pop-battery design allows the user to replace the battery a breeze, while extending the iPhone update cycle. Apple is the time to consider adding this feature on the iPhone 7.

6, 32GB stored versions

After the iPhone 6 release, had only one question: 32GB version which went? Apple should stop the launch of version 16GB iPhone, so that the entry-level model has 32GB of storage capacity, so that most people can save plenty of music and photos on your phone. Many users find it too small 16GB, 64GB with less, 32GB just good prices are moderate, expect the next generation will be.

7, better front camera

After more female users iPhone, high-quality camera on self-timer is more important than any time before. Apple iPhone 7 is likely to improve the quality front camera until the camera looks like a self-same shot by professionals.

8, more color choices

Apple always silver, gray and gold and other fashionable colors soft spot, but why do not push the red version of the iPhone? Apple should treat its smart watch out attitude, but also to iPhone 7 has more color choices.

9, customizable Home key

Home key has been used to dialogue with Siri, back to the user to display the main screen, but we believe in some special circumstances, the user can also use the Home key to engage in other things. If you press the Home button three times you can open the "camera" application, or long double-click the Home button can open the micro-channel, experience some kind of cool.

10, waterproof

The last one, if the iPhone 7 waterproof, feeling certain amazing. Samsung smart phones already have this capability. Obviously, support waterproof function should not be at the expense of the cost of iPhone stylish appearance, but to a new generation of fruit powder lined up to buy Apple's flagship smartphone has added a new reason.