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iPhone 7 not released, iOS 9 to come! Apple WWDC conference held in June confirmed

Apple today announced WWDC 2015 will be held in San Francisco Moscone West from June 8 to June 12 ! The new iOS 9 and OS X 11.11 will officially debut the system should be! In addition to iOS 9, what surprises Apple products coming out of it? iPhone 6c even iPhone 7 will be released ahead of it?

iOS 9, redefine the mobile phone system?
By convention, Apple usually released the latest iOS system WWDC, then this year will likely release the latest iOS 9 a. In order to use the new iPhone iOS 9 adapter, so Apple should release the Beta version, Bug and collect a variety of information to effectively optimize iOS 9. After iOS 8 is fruit powder tucao six months, Apple is time to release a stunning 7 as the year of the iOS system.

iOS 9 released day

IOS 9 If this is the case, Apple is certainly redefined the mobile phone system!

Using a mobile phone camera, gravity sensor and other sensors for intelligent recognition! Do not move your fingers can operate! But no matter how cool is good, it is imperative iOS 9 still have to ensure system stability first. Look at iOS 8.0 release last year card out of it ...... Cheung

iPod touch 6 will become a cheap version of iPhone 6?
Apple originally planned to launch in the fall of 2014 iPod touch 6, but for some reason had to be postponed until 2015. It is said, iPod touch 6 with the iPhone 6 will provide the same 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches in two sizes, equipped with iOS 9 system, there will also be a golden version available. This would be the equivalent of one can not call it a cheap version of the iPhone 6?

iPhone 7 released day

iPhone songs better use!
After the acquisition of Beats headphones, there were indications that Apple is planning to build a new music software, to attract more users to use Apple's service. Of course, it is likely that the iOS 8.4 Beta version of "Music" application on the basis of a more comprehensive optimization.

when the iphone 7 released

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro!
Like WWDC 2012 conference, Apple released a 15-inch screen with Retina MacBook Pro! So this year's WWDC conference once again launched a new design of the appearance of the MacBook Pro is not surprising.

when the ios 9 iphone 7 released

Want to live to see the Apple WWDC conference?
The ticket price is $ 1599 WWDC conference today, played at 10:00 on April 17, developers can buy tickets at the official WWDC. But fewer people vote, Apple will randomly distribute tickets, at 17:00 on April 20th, you'll be able to see if you can admission to slightly!

Finally, weak weak to say, Apple said WWDC conference prohibit all types of self-timer artifact, it seems Apple is afraid ha ha!