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iPhone 6 screen size is 4.8 inches and will be release on WWDC2014

Previously, we have reported a variety of screen sizes iPhone6 ​​rumors , some said iPhone6 will be 4 inches, and some expressed iPhone6 ​5.7 inches, but most of the rumors said iPhone6 should be 4.7 -inch display , iPhone6 screen in the end is how much , and now things are getting clearer , it is learned that the current iPhone6 has taken shape , the screen size will be 4.8 inches, and will be released in WWDC 2014 meeting.

iPhone 6 screen size is 4.8 inches

iPhone6 stereotyped as 4.8 inches display screen will be released on WWDC 2014
Apple will be the same as last year , and launched two new iPhone, while its flagship model iPhone6 will usher in major changes in appearance , bore the brunt of a 4.8- inch screen. According to informed sources revealed that Apple has a variety of screen sizes were tested , but they ultimately chose 4.8 inches this version .

However, there are other media gives a different iPhone6 screen size : DisplaySearch , said Apple will use a 4.7 inches , 1600x900 screen , the industry enjoyed analyst expectations of PeterMisek means the screen will be 4.8 inches , but it gives the analyst KGISecurities range from 4.5 to 5 inches of these is due to different screen sizes Apple internal testing a variety of different experiments due to screen size .

According to AppleInsider reports that Apple is now the end of the testing phase , the iPhone6 ​stereotyped as 4.8 inches screen size . The machine also will support 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi, equipped with " have critical software innovation" iOS8. The news is also exciting , after all, with respect to innovation in terms of iOS7 is a transitional upgrade.

iPhone6 when released , it is learned that the new version of the iPhone is considered WWDC conference will be held this summer on the release. Let us look forward to it.