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Hundreds of actress Pornographic exposure iCloud security loud alarm sound

U.S. actress nude photos leaked hundreds iCloud safety has been questioned: Hackers use iPhone "cloud services" loophole download private photos. Hollywood actress Pornographic suspected iCloud leak.

icloud Hollywood actress Pornographic

Last week Sunday night (U.S. time), a number of Hollywood actress began private photos online crazy pass, including Oscar Houzhannifu Lawrence, "Spider Woman" Kristen Dunst et al. According to American news website Buz-zFeed news, the first to be publicly these photos 4chan forum in the United States, the publisher claims to be hacked Apple's iCloud account after the acquisition. Actress has confirmed the authenticity of the photo.

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Actress private photos leaked, immediately aroused discussion of Apple iCloud security on the network. As of press time, Apple has not yet given an official response on the matter. However, industry experts believe that the current state of affairs, the possibility of theft of personal account actress iCloud server is greater than the likelihood of being attacked.

Caught Oscar: "This is as shameful and trafficking in stolen goods."

"This is a flagrant violation of privacy, we have contacted authorities and prosecute any publication Jennifer Lawrence stolen photos of people." The United States on Sunday 19:31, Jennifer Lawrence, a spokesman for BuzzFeed website sent a statement confirming the authenticity of the photo.

However, after more than one hour, the same American Pornographic traced to the new generation of female singer Ailiannuo Grande through its spokesman denied the authenticity of the photo.

These photos of the first to be publicly actress on "4chan" forum, then on the network crazy pass. Hackers claim to have 60 nude Jennifer Lawrence, from exposed Lawrence can be seen in some of the photos are shot in different places or the self-timer. These photos of "The Hunger Games" in the title, from the locker room to the bathroom half-naked self-timer Pornographic, including the photo of Lawrence of each period.

icloud Hollywood actress Pornographic

It is reported that Lawrence was born in 1990 in the United States in 2008 with "The Burning Plain" won the Venice Film Festival Best Newcomer Award in 2010 with "Winter's Bone" 83rd Annual Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, 2012 as the "hunger game "series of films heroine, the same year with" happy clouds behind the line "was the 85th Academy Awards for Best Actress, Oscar became the first" 90 "actress.

Currently, Lawrence's spokesman has confirmed that nude photos circulated on the Internet is "true", the relevant departments have contacted them. In addition to condemning the hackers move a serious violation of privacy actress, but the spokesman also stressed publish these nude people will face legal punishment, saying the photos from the Internet release of female mobile phone theft, and trafficking in stolen goods as shameful.

"Pornographic" not the first time: So there was a hacker jailed for 10 years

The anonymous hacker has published a list of actresses being black, in addition to Jennifer Lawrence, the same time exposure as well as "Chuck", "24 hours" actress Yvonne Strahov Sharansky, "warm the corpse "actress Tai Lisha Pal ink," Breaking Bad "played small pink girlfriend Kristen Dunst," Downton Abbey "three Ms actor Jessica brown Fender Lee, singer Rihanna, dozens of popular actress, there are 101 temporary nude spread online.

hollywood actress pornographic suffer iCloud leak

In addition to pop star Victoria Dawn Justice and several claiming that "the exposure photograph forged", the majority of the star has yet to comment on the matter.

However, there was published nude photos of American actress Mary Elizabeth temperature Christi first time posting on Twitter, said his nude years ago and her husband are in their own private space shot, "You are now looking at these photos, not feel embarrassed? I do these photos have been deleted long ago, a hacker can imagine how much effort it took to get these photos. "

It is reported that this is not the first time Hollywood actress Yan Zhao was leaked. 2012, Mobile Information actress Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Sailinnage · Metz, Mila Kunis, etc. More than 50 actresses been hacked, the exposure on the Internet, worthy called "Hollywood Pornographic incident."

iCloud vulnerabilities caused by subsidence Pornographic actress

FBI was investigating, arresting hacker Christopher Chaney, the hacker was eventually sentenced to 10 years.
Apple users uneasy: Information on the "cloud" in the end it safe?

According to BuzzFeed website reported that hackers use Apple iCloud loopholes black celebrity cell phone, in order to earn bitcoins, he put photos on the Internet.

Because hackers are still unclear by what means the invasion of iCloud, in theory, this invasion may also occur at any one use Apple iCloud cloud service user body.
With the popularity of cloud technology, whether the object after cyber attacks will turn to cloud server from a PC or a mobile terminal?

Last month, the World Black Hat Conference (BlackHat) in Las Vegas, system security scholar Wei Tao told reporters analyzed the pros and cons of cloud technology. He believes that today many companies IT security service providers the ability to not cloud the ability, from this perspective, the popularity of cloud technology is not a bad thing.

Hollywood actress Pornographic iCloud leak suspected

But on the other hand, cloud service providers the ability to not senior attacker's opponent, former attacker needs to attack targets one by one, and now as long as the cloud service providers an attack, and that the use of cloud services for users, "he hit others when shoving you to burn "may be the most unlucky.

Participated in the World Conference of Black Hat Liu Yue, vice president of Information Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hengxin said the cloud is a huge risk point, which is the consensus of the industry, "information into the cloud, privacy is transparent to the world."

"Now some cloud applications do encryption, and some do not." Liu Yue explained that cloud encryption, does not mean that every upload a photo, contact information for each synchronized to the cloud is a need to enter a password, "the user is aware visible, (cloud encryption) cloud providers need to do is give each user with a 'key', and to remember everyone's 'key', which on server performance demanding. "Although technically has no any threshold, but the high cost of the operation is still a lot of cloud providers to block the initiative encryption.

Pornographic actress disaster from iCloud vulnerability exposure

Pornographic outflow from iCloud servers?

Since cloud service providers has become the "black hat" their goal, that this Hollywood actress Pornographic incident there may be hackers attack iCloud servers get?

Expert analysis: "The whole entire iCloud servers fall, from my personal point of view, this is unlikely."

He explained that if the whole fall, it should not just present the results of all of Apple iCloud users all the information, including address book, photo wall, notepad and other information are likely to be exposed.
Another unnamed network security industry insiders also said the attack targeted a star's personal account than to attack Apple iCloud servers much lower degree of difficulty.

"To attack a person's account Directional there are many ways, such as a hacker can use to design a star like the application, of course, is malicious, then collect their account information from the background, and then attack." Liu Yue analysis because the incident involved a star this special status, does not rule out the possibility of the existence of extortion.

Experts safety warning: a password with anything accidentally "hit the library."

Another possibility this Pornographic incident causes - "hit Libraries", has also been mentioned in more than one expert.
The so-called "hit the library" is actually a hacker on the network has been compromised by collecting user name and password information, generate corresponding "dictionary table" to other sites try to bulk logged in, you can log on to get a number of user accounts and passwords. "To put it plainly, is a password with anything, you use the same username and password to apply different sites, which is equivalent to their own with the master key, once lost consequences could be disastrous."

This year in February, Jingdong encounter database leaked suspicions, a screenshot of the network spread, mostly suffix "@" mail account and password, that is Jingdong database leaked, so we quickly put the money in the account transfer come out.

However, Jingdong official responded that: After an internal investigation, account network transmission screenshot shows an internal inquiry was more likely to be hacking. "Jingdong also recommended that users take this incident quickly open the phone verification and other security settings.

Jingdong similar encounter "hit the library attack", but also occurs in a man's body in Suzhou. Last month, the man multiple accounts using the same username and password to apply, leading PayPal account hacker successfully "hit Libraries", 320,000 yuan deposit is divided forwards go.

How personal anti-privacy leak

1, using the cloud itself is no privacy at all, even if you put all the photos one by one terminal and remove the cloud, the cloud server will still leave marks. So, if you must use cloud services, then it should not take private photos; really wanted to make, please do not show his face.
2, do not take the world a password, give yourself with a "master key" final unlucky own. Should pay attention to the iCloud password and other social networking accounts separate.
3, closed photo-sharing feature. Use Apple's mobile phone users, go to "Settings" → i-Cloud → Photos → my photo stream, turn off; photo sharing, closed.
4, Internet has emerged recently as "Hollywood actress nude Private Collection" and the name of the Trojan archive, not easily download such files, in order to avoid ending up looking Pornographic Trojan to steal their photos.

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