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Only 5% of Android users will buy Apple iPhone 6?

Investigation report is like a wise man's self-timer nude.

Investigation report categorically say how , but very little development of the whole event is consistent with the expected results. Sometimes, the fact that the results were even people feel cheated.

However, iPhone 6, in the end how much there's defection will lead to Android users, or one we are interested in exploring.

Market research firm Survata for 889 consumers before and after the investigation reached a surprising result, only about 5% of Android users will switch to Apple for iPhone 6 camp. Survey shows that 5% of Android users "liked" Apple's new products, 17.4 percent of Android users said for the iPhone 6 "prefer." The survey also showed that 6% of BlackBerry users is the desire to buy iPhone 6, while the highest loyalty looks like Windows Phone users, who "defected" to become the proportion of Apple users only for 3%.

Nature is concerned, iPhone users enthusiasm for the new Mac than users of other platforms. 36% of iPhone 5 users were "very willing" to upgrade to the iPhone 6. Given the two-year contract will expire, and then naturally, but this answer. In addition, 18% of iPhone 5S users and 15% of iPhone 5C users also expressed a very favorable impression on the iPhone 6. Survata users, there are many Fortune 100 "wealth" business, the company also said its findings error rate of only 3.3%.

However, the U.S. technology news site CNET writer Chris • Matus Governance Division (Chris Matyszczyk) said that now no one has seen the respondents iPhone 6, the current survey is the camp user preconceived answer.