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Eight iOS 8 conference features not mentioned

If you are concerned about our Apple Developers Conference WWDC 2014 live, must have learned a variety of new features in iOS 8, such HealthKit health kits, support third-party input method, HomeKit smart home platform. However, usually on such conference, some of the new features are often not mentioned, the following is being neglected iOS 8 8 functions:

1, Wi-Fi Phone

Facetime Audio feature has actually existed for a long time, but it seems to have support for iOS 8 real WIFI phone (via WIFI call any regular phone number), but is not limited to iOS devices. In fact, many operators such as T-Mobile already offers similar functionality on other smart phones, but the iPhone has been excluded. Perhaps this function depends on the operator does not have universal.

2, Facetime call waiting

Facetime feature a tiny improvement is that it now supports call waiting, which means when you are already underway Facetime calls, there are ways to answer or reject incoming calls to another via Facetime. For users who frequently use Facetime, this is closer to the general call function of a shift, a better user experience.

3, the application power consumption View

We can see in iOS 7 app storage space, but can not see the power consumption, the current iOS 8 already supports. This seems to be borrowed from the Android functionality, allowing users to know which application is more expensive electricity.

4, the travel time notification

Android users can know how long it takes to reach the destination, or at least a rough estimate, but iOS 8 also draws on this feature. We do not know its specific form, it may be broadcast by siri, are more likely to be integrated in the notification center.

5, application tips

There are two possibilities: Apple will provide a guide application tips to help beginners learn how to use iOS 8; or specialized applications using the built-official tips. Since almost all third-party applications built using the current guidelines, Apple should do something for the official application.

6, independent of camera focus and exposure control

Powerful third-party iOS camera application basically built a separate focus and exposure functions, while iOS 8 finally support this feature for better shooting.

7, support the DuckDuckGo search engine

iOS 8 search engine also includes a new generation of DuckDuckGo, perhaps you're also a little strange, but the advantage is that DuckDuckGo does not track user data, is clearly better than Google, Bing or Yahoo safer.

8, Braille keyboards

Finally, iOS 8 also supports Braille keyboard, although it is not clear how it works (usually a Braille keyboard to set bump), but it should help visually impaired users to make better use of iPhone.

Developers can now download iOS 8 test version, the official version will be officially opened this fall for the average user, I think we will still have a large number of minor new features. Although unlike iOS 7 has changed so much, but all kinds of new features eight iOS still worth the wait.