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Transfer iCloud to Android

How to Transfer Data from iCloud to Android

"I bought an iPhone 6 Plus to replace my Samsung Galaxy S4 2 months ago, unfortunately, my iPhone 6 Plus was stolen yesterday on the way I went to work, so I have to re-use the old Samsung phone. What's worse, I wipe all the data in my Samsung after transferring to the iPhone 6 Plus, and I have no any backup but an iCloud backup, it means all my data gone. Is it possible to restore my data from iCloud backup to Android device, just like my Samsung Galaxy S4? Please told me how to do now, I have no idea."

As the most popular smartphone, iPhone and Android are widly used by people all over the world. However, iPhone and Android runs different operation system, apparently, different ways of backup. Even if there are many 3rd party tool can backup data from iPhone and Android device at the same time, but most users prefer backup their iPhone with iTunes or iCloud, expecially using iCloud, because it's more convenient and fast. It's easy to restore data from iCloud backup file to iPhone, or other iOS device, but you may need to restore or transfer data from iCloud to Android in some situations, this is obviously not a simple task. It is too early to say, in fact, you can easily transfer or restore your data from iCloud backup file to your Android phone to tablet with a click by using the Mobile Transfer program.

Mobile Transfer is a comprehensive data management tools which not only enable user to transfer data from phone to phone, backup & restore phone data, but also allows you to permanently erase all data from your old Androida or iOS device with a clcik. So you can easily transfer data from iCloud to Android device via this Mobile Transfer software.

You can free download a trial Win or Mac version here and try transfering your iCloud data to Android.
download phone transfer    download mac phone transfer   
Note: The iCloud to Android feature only support source iDevice which is iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iTunes 11.3 and up to destination phone which is Android 4.2 & later versions.

Steps to Transfer Data from iCloud to Android

Step 1. Launch the program and choosing to enter the restored mode

Install and launch the Mobile Transfer on your computer, when you see the primary interface, firstly, look for the iCloud icon in the restore block, click on it to enter the Restore from iCloud backup mode.

Step 2. Login your iCloud account and connect your Android

After entering the restore mode, you will be asked to login your iCloud account and connect your Android device to the program, just do it.

Step 3. Select and download an iCloud backup

When your have login your iCloud account, you can view all the previous iCloud backup created with this account. Select the iCloud backup you wanted from the list to download it. The process will not take your much of time, just wait for a while. 

Note: Please make sure the network is connected during this process.

Step 4. Transfer Data from iCloud to Android

If the download is finish, you can see all the transferable data showwing on the middle panel of window, including contacts, text messages, photos, call history and more, tick off the data you want and click on "Start Copy" to transfer files from iCloud backup to your target Android device.

If done, you can check the data on your Android device. In addition, if your wanting to backup data from your iPhone or Android, restore backup file to your phone, transfer data between any two phones (iPhone, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry included), or wipe all the data on your phone, you can also using this powerful program.

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