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Sync Motolora Contacts iPhone

How to Sync Contacts from Motolora to iPhone

This morning I casual met an college friend Edward which is a sales engineer now. In the process of talking with Edward, he made two calls to customers and I found that Edward both searched the contacts in his Motolora, then called customers by using his new iPhone 5s, which made me feel strange. I asked why and Edward told me reluctantly that he is a fan of the iPhone, so bought a iPhone 5s to replace his Motolora, however, the iPhone and Android run different operating systems, he doesn't know how to transfer hundred of contacts from Motolora, so had to carry two mobile phones with him. I realize nothings broken and help Edward to solve the problem with Android to iPhone Transfer.

Android to iPhone Transfer provides a safe and reliable transfer for almost any Android phones to sync contacts to iPhone just with few simple steps. Simple speaking, with the help of this program, you can easily transfer contacts from your Android phone like Motolora, Samsung, HTC, etc. to iPhone 5S/5C/4S/4 in few clicks.

Free Down the trial version here and have a try.

download phone transfer    download mac phone transfer   
One Click Sync Motolora Contacts to iPhone 5S/5C/4S/4

Step 1: Launch the transfer program

Run the transfer program on your computer after installing, and you can see the following window.

Step 2: Creat Connection

Now you need to using two USB cables to connect both your Motolora phone and iPhone to computer, if they have successfully connected, you can see the corresponding phone models at the top of them.

Note: You can also change the places of the two phones by clicking on the "Flip" button to transfer data from iPhone to Motorola.

Step 3: Transfer contacts from Motolora to iPhone

Once the program has retrieved your devices, it will automatically scans them, now you can see all the contents found on your Motolora are listed in the middle of window, what you need to do is just pitching up “Contacts” and click on “Start Copy” to transfer them to your iPhone.

Note: Please keep both of your devices connected during the transfer process.

download phone transfer    download mac phone transfer   
More About Android to iPhone Transfer

Android to iPhone Transfer is a fully-featured data transfer software which specially designed for  over 2000 Android, iOS and Symbian devices to sync all the contents including contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos, call logs and apps, so as to save you time.

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