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Transfer iPhone to iPhone 6

How to Directly Transfer Data from iPhone to iPhone 6 Plus

Just as most of the iPhone fans, are you planning to replace your old iPhone like iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or iPhone  5S to the brand new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? That is really a good idea because the new iPhone 6 has a lot of  new excellent features and applications, which gives us a surprise. There is no doubt that iPhone 6 Plus will be  one of the best mobile phones in the world. However, all your files like contacts, text messages, photos,  videos, calendar, apps, note and more are still store in your old iPhone, is there an efficiently way to  directly transfer them from old iPhone to iPhone 6 Plus?

Mobile Transfer
or iOS Transfer is such a powerful and reliable data transfer tool allows you to directly  transfer files like contacts, SMS, photos and more between any two iOS devices, for example from iPhone 5 to  iPhone 6 Plus, iPad mini to iPhone 6, iPhone 6 to iPad Air and so on.

Follow the guide below to easily sync your data, before you can transfer your files, free download a trial  version here:
For Mobile Transfer:
download phone transfer    download mac phone transfer
For iOS Transfer:

 Ways 1 Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 6 Plus with the Mobile Transfer

 Ways 2 Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 6 Plus with the iOS Transfer

Two Ways to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 6

Ways 1 Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 6 Plus with the Mobile Transfer

Step 1. Launch the program and connect both of your iPhone to PC

Install and run the Mobile Transfer software on your computer, and you can see the primary interface as the  following picture, click "Start" to enter the phone to phone transfer window. Then you are allowed to connect  both of your iPhones to your PC via USB cables.

Transfer iPhone contacts to iPhone 6

Step 2. Transfer your data from old iPhone to iPhone 6 Plus

When your devices are connected and detected by Mobile Transfer, you'll get a window as follow. As you can see,  all the transferable data are shown in the middle panle, including contacts, text messages, photos and so on,  mark those what you want and click "Start Copy" to transfer all of them with a click. If done, click "OK" to  close the dialog.

Note: During the process, never to disconnect either device.

Ways 2 Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone 6 Plus with the iOS Transfer

Step 1: Launch the iOS Transfer and connect your iPhone

Launch the iOS Transfer on your PC and connect both your old iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus to your computer via Apple  USB cables, once your devices are detected, you can see theirs information shown in the window.

Step 2. Transfer Data between old iPhone and iPhone 6

iOS Transfer enables you to transfer media, contacts, photos and more from one Apple device to another without  iTunes. If you would like to transfer music between your iDevices, you just need to click "Media" in the left  column and click "Music" to come to the music window. Then, click the triangle under "Export to" to select to  export music to your iDevice, such as from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 Plus.

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