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Transfer Contacts between iPhone Android Nokia

How to Transfer Contacts between iPhone,Android and Nokia

Now, change a new mobile phone is not a big thing, especially in the smartphone times, Android, iOS, Symbian are so popular in the whole world. But there are still many people worrying to change mobile phones because there are many important contacts stored in the old phone and they feel it difficult to copy to the new one. I have ever see these questions on internet and this article surely help you if you're facing the same trouble.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy?
I need to copy my Nokia contacts to iPhone 5S, how can I do it?
Is there any easy way to copy my Android contacts to iPhone?
Is it possible to transfer Nokia contacts to Android phone?

With Phone to Phone Transfer, you can easily complete transferring contacts from one phone to another phone between iOS, Android, Symbian. This humanized Phone Transfer tool not only transfer contacts but also provides you a high efficiency solution to transfer SMS, Call logs,Apps, Photos, Music and Videos.

Download Phone to Phone Transfer and start to copy contacts between different phones by follow the guide as below.

download phone transfer    download mac phone transfer
How to transfer contacts from phone to phone

Step 1 Install then Launch Phone to Phone Transfer on computer

After you download this Phone Transfer Tool,install it on your PC then launch it on your PC. You can see primary window as the picture as below.

Step 2 Connect your devices

Connect your devices to your computer via USB cable. When your devices are connected and detected by your computer, you'll get a window as follow:

From Nokia to iPhone:

You can see the the bottom of Destination devices, there is a "Clear data before copy" tab. By ticking it off, all current contacts on your destination devices will be deleted.

From iPhone to Android:

From Nokia to Android:

Note:You can click “Flip” to change the places of Source and Destination.

Step 3 Transfer Contacts from phone to phone

Select "Contacts" and click "Start Copy" , all contacts will be transferred from phone to another phone. Please make sure all of your devices are connected during transferring.

Note: If you don't install iTunes on your computer, the first time you use Phone to Phone transfer, it will offer you the iTunes installation window. Follow it to install iTunes on your computer.

download phone transfer    download mac phone transfer
Transfer any Data from one Phone to Phone:

More information of Phone to Phone Transfer:

Phone to Phone Transfer:Powerful function to help you transfer data from one phones to another between Android, Symbian and iOS devices This Phone Transfer not only copy contacts, but also transfer SMS, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps from one devices to another. If you are in need to migrate (or backup) your data, Phone to Phone Transfer is the surely first choice.


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