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Transfer Galaxy S3/S4 Contacts to Galaxy S6

How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 to Samsung galaxy S6

In the upcoming MWC (Mobile World Congress), the number of mobile phone manufacturers will bring the latest smartphones, such as the rumored HTC One (M9), the Samsung GALAXY S6 and so on. Today, reports from foreign media display, the operator T-Mobile is now accepting bookings Samsung GALAXY S6 and S6 released a suspected official renderings.

From the picture, the phone side is curved screen design, more unique, similar to the previous Samsung GALAXY Note Edge. However, the aircraft is a double side curved screen, the figure is not enough to explain the problem. Of course, if the Samsung GALAXY S6 really such a design, compared to before the S5, S4, and other products, innovative design of the phone is obviously not small.
However, the Samsung GALAXY Note Edge, its curved side of the screen full of gimmicks, but the practicality general. Samsung GALAXY S6 is able to bring a new bright spot for us, remains to be disclose more information.

So, if you are the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5 users, and you just get ready to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S6, thanks to the excited screen design, more unique, and Samsung galaxy S6 is able to bring a new bright spot for us, remains to be disclose more information. Want to transfer all the contacts from old Samsung galaxy S3/S4/S5 to the new Samsung galaxy S6? Most people don’t know how to do it, just an easy problem, next we will recommend you the useful method to solve this problem. With Mobile Transfer you also can transfer all your videos, photos, messages, apps and more from old Samsung galaxy to new Samsung galaxy S6.

1-Click Mobile Transfer
Transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar, photos, music, video and apps between iPhone, Android, Nokia (Symbian) phones and BlackBerry – in one click!

Before, most of Samsung users introduced us the third-party software tool-Mobile Transfer. With the Samsung Mobile Transfer, you can easily transfer contacts from Samsung galaxy S3/S4/S5 to new Samsung galaxy S6, if you don’t know how to use this Mobile Transfer to transfer contacts from old Samsung galaxy phone to new Samsung galaxy S6, please follow the next easy steps to solve your problem.

Notes: You can also transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, whatsapp chat history, apps from LG/HTC/Sony/ZTE/Huawei to Samsung Galaxy S6 with retaining 100% quality.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 to Galaxy S6

Step 1: Launch Mobile Transfer on your PC
Download and install Mobile Transfer on your computer and launch it.

Step 2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and Galaxy S6 to the PC
After launching Mobile Transfer, connect your S3/S4 and your Galaxy S6 to the computer via USB cables. The program will automatically detect your two Samsung phones.

Step 3. Transfer contacts from Samsung galaxy S3/S4 to Samsung galaxy S6

As you can see, all the transferable data file are list in the middle of the window, more than contacts, choose contacts you want and click "Start Copy" to start transferring your contacts and other data from phone to phone. You can click “Flip” if you want to change the source and destination phone.

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