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Erase Android Data Permanently

Erase Data from Android Phones or Tablets Permanently

Many Android users planning to selling their old Android phones or tablets on eBay, or trade-in for something new,or give it away to to a friend or relative,before selling your Android devices,please remember erase all data from Android permanently,in order to preventing others from stealing your personal information; ensure those deleted data not recoverable by some professional data recovery software.

To delete data on Android devices,simple deletion or factory reset is not enough, because some personal information may stay in your phone's memory even after you delete it,those deleted information and data can be restored by some data recovery software in market.

This article main teach you how to erase data from Android permanently.
Here,I recommend you this Android Data Eraser tool,which allows you wipe all data from Android devices, including Messages, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Call History, Apps. What’s more this useful Android Data Eraser also supports erase private data and system settings, permanently erase all data in phone's memory.Now,please download this android data eraser software to wipe all existing and deleted data from Android directly.

download phone transfer    download mac phone transfer
(Notes: The Mac version only supports to transfer data between Android and iOS devices at present.)

Tips: This Data Eraser tool not only supports erase data from Android,like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony,Huawei,ZTE,ect; but also allows you wipe all data from ios iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Wipe All Existing and Deleted Data from Android Permanently:

Step 1: Backup your Android Data to Computer

Before you begin the next step, you should seriously do a full backup of your important data to computer first,including contacts, text messages,photos,videos, call logs, apps,ect. All android data will be wiped permanently and it won't be retrieved,even professional Android Data Recovery. Please make backup first.Here,I recommend you this MobileTrans program or Android to Computer Transfer to backup data from Android to computer directly.

Step 2: Install and run Android data eraser on your computer.

First of all, please install and run the Android Data Eraser on your Windows computer,when the primary window appears, click the button "Erase Your Old
Phone". This brings up the data erasing window.

Step 3: Connect Your Android Device to the Computer
Then connect your Android device to computer with a USB cable,you can see the software interface as below.

Step 4: Begin to Erase All Data from Your Android Device

After finishing scan data from your Android phones or tablets,then go to the lower-right corner and click Erase Now. A dialog comes out. Read the tips and click the "delete" button. Then, click “Start” to wipe all of data from your old Android device directly.

Free download the Android Data Eraser-MobileTransfer to erase all data from android:

download phone transfer    download mac phone transfer
Tips: If you want to recover data lost from Android due to simple deletion or factory reset. You can use a professional Android data recovery to recover data from your Android,please learn more in the use guide about how to recover data from android with the help of android data recovery software.

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