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Recover Deleted iPhone Photos

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

"I am very worried about that I accidentally deleted pictures on my iphone  before  backup to iTunes .  How I can to do? Will I  lose this valuable pictures forever? Is that have a way to recover my pictures?" "How to recover from deleted photos on the iPhone "is Apple users a frequently asked questions. Does it mean that in such a situation can not reply picture ? The answer is “No”!!Now, I will introduce you to some useful and convenient way to recover your pictures to the iPhone .

Three Ways Undeleted iPhone Photo
     way 1: Recover iPhone Photos with no Backup (free)
way 2: Restore Photos from iPhone with iTunes Backup (free)
way 3: Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone (Paid Way)

Solution 1: Recover iPhone Photos with no Backup (free)
This way suits iPhone users who have no iTunes backup. You can directly restore deleted or lost photos with free-to-all recovery software PhotosRec. But it only works for jailbroken iPhone, and you are not allowed to selectively recover your iPhone data. Certain computer skills are required to perform iPhone Data Recovery in this way. So, check and follow it patiently now.

Solution 2: Restore Photos from iPhone with iTunes Backup (free)
If you are used to syncing your iPhone to iTunes, it means that you have iTunes backup for your iPhone, which you can use to recover lost data via iTunes. As iTunes restore is a “all or nothing” rule, you can’t choose what to recover either. All contents will be restored on your device in this ways, including your lost photos. Now, follow to check how to perform the data recovery with iTunes Backup.
Note: Do not sync your iPhone to iTunes after photos loss. It will update iTunes backup file and you will lose your photos forever.

Step 1. Run iTunes and Stop iTunes Auto-sync
First of all, run iTunes on your computer.
If you are Windows users, go to “Edit” < “Preferences...” < “Devices”.
If you are Mac users, go to “iTunes” < “Preferences...” < “Devices”.
Then you can see “Prevent iPod, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically”, check it in the box and click “OK” to confirm, so your device won’t be synced after connected.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone and Select to Restore from iTunes Backup
Now, you can connect your iPhone to iTunes using a USB cable. Tap on “Restore Backup…” in “Summary” of iTunes or right click the name of your device on the left, select “Restore from backup…” option from the submenu. Then choose the recent backup file for your iPhone and click “Restore” to begin data recovery. Wait for the process patiently

Note: Make sure the recent backup file contains the data you need. Or you won’t get your deleted photos back.

Solution 3: Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone (Paid Way)

The two ways above are all free that you can use without spending a penny. But, if you want to selectively choose deleted photos or other contents to recover, they are not suitable for you. Well,You can think of the world there is no free dinner. now you need iPhone Data Recovery to help you make this. It allows you to scan, preview and check only wanted files to restore. Download and install the free trial version with the links below. Follow us and have a try first.

Step 1. Run the Program and Scan your iTunes Backup
Run the recovery program on your computer and tap on “Recover from iTunes Backup Files” (If you have synced your iPhone to iTunes before). Pick the recent iTunes backup for your iPhone in the list below. Then click “Start Scan” to let the program extract backup data for you.

Step 2. Preview and Retrieve Deleted Photos
You can see the scan results displayed in orders on the left after some time. Find your deleted or lost photos in “Camera Roll” and “Photos Stream”. You can preview the details before checking them to recover. Lastly, you just need one click on “Recover” to bring back your wanted photos

This way works perfectly if you don’t want to restore everything from the iTunes backup. All recovered photos will be saved on your computer without any quality loss. Also, you can choose to directly recover lost photos from your iPhone with this program. If you are interested, use it right now.

Tips: To recover iPhone data for free may spend you a lot of time,and sometimes in the process of restoring data, it will cause loss of data, or restore back the picture quality is not good. So I recommend you use a third-part iPhone data recovery to get all lost photos back,it no only supports recover pictures on iPhone and iPad, but also can help you recover other iPhone contents,inclduing SMS messages, videos, contacts, notes, call history,bookmarks,ect. What's more this all-in-one iPhone iPad iPod Recovery tool works well with iPad and iPod,as well.If you also use iPad or iPod, this powerful and useful iOS Data Recovery is the best for you!



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